Friday, August 19, 2016

Inspired By: Jane Austen's Works

Because Jane Austen's works have remained treasured classics for over two hundred years and because I simply can't get enough of them (putting this post together made me want to re-read all of her novels!), I decided to create modern outfits based on four of her beloved books. 

Pride and Prejudice
Pride & Prejudice
{Pride & Prejudice}

Jane Austen's witty comedy of manners tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's five unmarried daughters after the rich and eligible Mr. Bingley and his status-conscious friend, Mr. Darcy, have moved into their neighborhood.

My favorite classic book! I've read it a few times now and I re-watch the movies and miniseries based on it way too often. For an outfit that's perfect for sitting at home and ignoring your mother, wear a pale pink dress and sky blue flats (or throw on teal Converse to trudge through mud). Or if you're invited to a dance, put on a brocade print dress, feather ring, and nude heels. 

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Anne Elliot was once happily betrothed to naval officer, Frederick Wentworth, but she broke off the engagement; something she ends up deeply regretting. Later when Wentworth returns from sea a rich and successful captain, he finds Anne's family on the brink of financial ruin. Will Anne and Wentworth be reunited in their love?

This book is not appreciated enough in my opinion. Anne is a quietly strong woman and the only person who sees it is Wentworth. For listening and tending to others, put on a white sleeveless top, light blue skirt, and black flats. Or throw on a striped red dress, sailboat earrings, and brown oxford flats. 

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Northanger Abbey
Northanger Abbey
Catherine Morland is an innocent seventeen-year-old from a country parsonage. While spending a few weeks in Bath with a family friend, Catherine meets and falls in love with Henry Tilney, who invites her to visit his family estate, Northanger Abbey. Once there, Catherine, a great reader of Gothic thrillers, lets the shadowy atmosphere of the old mansion fill her mind with terrible suspicions.

I would describe this book is a rom-com meets Gothic parody. Catherine is me if I lived in the 19th century and Mr. Tilney will always be one of my favorite characters. *swoon* Explore a dark and mysterious castle while wearing a burgundy dress, gray cardigan, key necklace, and black flats. Or put on a black printed dress, book necklace, and lace-up burgundy wedges.

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Beautiful, clever, rich, and single Emma Woodhouse sees no need for either love or marriage. Nothing, however, delights her more than interfering in the romantic lives of others. But when she ignores the warnings of her good friend Mr. Knightley and attempts to arrange a suitable match for her protegee Harriet Smith, her carefully laid plans soon unravel and have consequences that she never expected.

I remember first reading Emma and hating it because Emma is so self-centered, but by the end I loved it. She's definitely one of Austen's most flawed characters. Be a matchmaker and find love in a white lace dress, pink cardigan, and pink wedges. Or instead in a blue floral dress, polka dot scarf, and nude flats.

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P.S. -- Inspired by The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

Which is your favorite Jane Austen book?

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