Friday, May 23, 2014

Marion Claire Stationery

I think it's amazing what you can accomplish when you have a dream and the drive to fulfill it! We all have goals we want to achieve in our lifetimes, so it's wonderful when you see someone you're close to, an acquaintance, or even a complete stranger work hard to make that dream come true. 

Maybe your dream is a work-in-progress like me and my novel, but doesn't mean you can't help someone else's become a reality. That's one of the reasons I love Kickstarter and Indiegogo. You can help fund someone to make them that much closer to their ultimate goal. 

My friend Chelsea of Chels & The City has always dreamed of having her own stationery business, and I think it's amazing that she's being proactive and chasing her dream!
Hers what Chelsea told me about why she's always wanted her own stationery business:
For as long as I can remember, I have loved creating greeting cards and wanted to start my own business. When my grandma died in 2003, it was the first time I realized that some greeting cards just miss the mark. While I know my family appreciated all of the support from friends, I was a teenager at the time and just wanted one of those cards to tell it like it is.  
That's when I decided one day I'd be the designer of cards that give it to you straight. May 1, 2014 was that day. I launched Marion Claire Stationery, named after and inspired by my grandmothers, Marion Martin and Patricia Claire Oliver, in hopes of making this life-long dream come true and as a way to honor my grandmothers. I like to think that my cards are the perfect blend of heart and sass, which are two of the most memorable qualities both of these, greatly missed, women had. Through this business, I hope I can continue to create cards with heart and sass that meet the needs of my customers. Hopefully my cards will help to create memories and cherish milestones for those who buy and receive them.  
I'm a firm believer that it doesn't take much to make someone's day and sending a greeting card is the perfect and easiest way to do so. I hope that you'll join me in this journey by supporting my indiegogo campaign so that I can start producing these cards. However, if you cannot support finically, I hope that you will share my story and link to Marion Claire's campaign page. I truly appreciate every bit of support and look forward to going on this journey with you.
Help Chelsea make her dream come true by contributing to her Indiegogo campaign! If you contribute $10 or more, she'll send you a card on your next birthday! So sweet, right? You can also help by spreading the word about her new business and Indiegogo campaign!

What's one lifelong dream you would love to accomplish?

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  1. Oh these cards are so cute!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Thanks so much for your help in spreading the word, Sara! You're a great friend! :)


  3. How sweet to name the business after grandma. :)
    Cards are so beautiful , very cute
    Do enter my Blackfive giveaway and win gift card with $30-100


  4. Madara LiecinieceMay 24, 2014 at 7:30 AM

    That was such a sweet story to read about her business! I wish all the best of luck, but I guess she won't need it as the cards are really, really great! :)

  5. I'm glad you like her cards! I think they're so fun!

  6. Of course!! I'm always willing to help a friend! :)

  7. So cute post Sara!!
    Kisses and have a sweet weekend
    The Indian Savage Diary

  8. Dressed with soulMay 25, 2014 at 7:21 AM

    This greeting cards are adorable! Thanks for sharing, I have a weakness for greeting cards in general :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. these are so cute :)

  10. I love a good greeting card too!

  11. That's not cheesy at all! That's wonderful and romantic! I love that card too!


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