Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Outfit: Olive and Coral

It's funny what ends up working out. I threw on this top and jacket one day and really liked the color combo. Who knew olive and coral worked so well together? (Probably everyone, but me.)

One week work update: I love my job so far! It's wonderful doing the social media for a magazine I really love. Plus my coworkers are so funny and nice. However, I'm feeling the pressure a little bit since my main goal is to get people to buy tickets to our events (the Wine & Food Week one is the biggest and it's only a month away), and I still feel like I'm catching up. I think I just need to get into a groove and I'll be okay. 

Anyway, I created a 914 Inc. Pinterest page and a 914 Inc. Women in Business Twitter, so feel free to follow if you have a business and want some tips!
Jacket: via Poshmark (get $5 with code BJXOA) | Top: LC Lauren Conrad x Kohls
Jeans: Hollister | Hammered Rings: JewelMint | Sandals: Forever 21 {similar}

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  1. I think the color combination works great (likely because they are shades of green and red, which are opposites on the color wheel, but it has shade variations, so it doesn't scream MERRY CHRISTMAS)! I love the detailing on the sleeve, too! Such a nice touch! Good luck with the tickets, you'll do great!

  2. I'm glad you're loving your job! And I love that shirt. Those lace sleeves are so pretty!

  3. That top is so pretty with the lace detailing! Happy to hear you love your job. I think there's always a bit of an adjustment period and I'm sure you'll catch up!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I'm glad you are loving your new job ;) You look amazing and happy! These colors are a great combo and the top, really feminene and delicate

  5. cute color combination indeed!

    So glad to hear the job is working out so far! It's always uneasy the first few weeks or so but I'm sure you'll get into the groove sooner rather than later! =)



  6. I love this color combo and the lace detail on your sleeves is so pretty! I think I'm in need of a cute jacket like this for spring/fall.


  7. I adore that jacket! Olive is my favorite, but that coral is adorable too!!

  8. Experimenting with different colors we sometime find such good combines like this one.
    All the best with the job.. I love your sandals
    Keep in touch

  9. I really like the pretty shirt with the cool utility jacket. So cute!


  10. LittleMonsterx14May 7, 2014 at 8:46 AM

    I love the sleeves on that top! I am so happy that your new job is going well, it sounds awesome! I can't wait to start telling you all about mine when i start!

  11. Haha, coral and olive are a fave combo of mine during the in-between seasons. It's the perfect combination of summer and winter! And may I comment on how absolutely cute your sandals are!? I love them!

    I'm also really happy to read your new job is going well! It's always a bit scary starting something new, but I have no doubt that you'll be on a roll with it soon! Good luck! xo

  12. Thank you, Nikki! You're comment made me smile!!

  13. Thanks!! Can't wait to hear all the details!

  14. Yes, it's fun experimenting with colors! Thanks!

  15. Thank you! Yes, you should definitely get a little jacket like this -- it's perfect for when it's just a little chilly.

  16. Thank you, Nancy! Yes, I'm starting to get the hang of being there and how everything works!

  17. So true! These colors could be really bad, but it works! Thanks!


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