Friday, May 16, 2014

Dear Reader, Who Are You?

I can't help but feel that I talk about myself a lot on this blog. You're probably thinking, Sara, that's allowed. It's your blog after all. Or maybe some of you are thinking that I don't talk enough about myself on this blog. I'm a shy person and in real life it takes a little while for me to open up, so maybe that translated to here. 

Anyway, what I'm getting at is I want to know who you guys are!

If you feel comfortable, I would love to know:
  • how old you are
  • what your job is and/or what you aspire to be one day 
  • what your favorite color is
  • the one food and/or dessert you can't live without 
  • & two words that describe you

I'll go first:
  • 24
  • social media coordintator / aspire to be a published author also
  • purple
  • broccoli cheddar soup / taro root frozen yogurt
  • friendly / dreamer

So who are you?

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  1. 14
    Student/I aspire to be a fashion designer or journalist
    Chicken pho

    This was such a cute idea, Sara!!

  2. Hi Sara! This is a great idea, I feel the same way sometimes about my readers!
    *Email Designer/Marketer. Aspire to be an Art Director in fashion or video game industry
    *Burritos | Snickerdoodle cookies
    *Friendly | Stubborn

  3. 24
    Studying to be a Preschool teacher.
    Spring rolls/Dronning Maud mousse (Norwegian dessert).
    Happy and friendly

    I've been reading your blog for a while now and you are very inspiring! :)

  4. 24
    Stay-at-home-mom, but before that I was a college student/optician. I'm cool with staying a SAHM, but wouldn't mind doing something either crafty or words related (books, editing, etc) when my daughter's older.
    Blue-ish grey.
    Garlic fried rice and apple pie.
    Laid back and sweet.

  5. :)

    Visual Merchandiser
    pastels shades
    Funny / relaxed


  6. 30 (yeesh!)
    Social Worker
    Any kind of pasta
    Sweet/shy (but only around people I don't know!)


    The Tiny Heart

    Bugsy's Box Giveaway!

  7. Hi Sara! My name is Gabrielle

    // I am 26 years old
    // I am currently unemployed but I would love to do photography full time!!
    // I can't put my finger on one specific color but I really enjoy coral pink
    // As of right now I'm obsessed with chips and dip and NERD slushies from Sonic!!
    // Introvert & Geek are the best words to describe me :)

    I have never had Taro Root Frozen Yogurt....hmmm?

  8. 26 (27 in 2 weeks, gah)
    museum person (work with objects, not people or exhibits) / i have no idea what i want to be one day, which is giving me anxiety.
    tie between macaroni & cheese or pizza

  9. You might know some of these, but here you go!

    Full-time student
    I dream of working in a museum or gallery
    Black & white
    Mocha latte
    Thoughtful & artistic

    I love all of your answers. :)

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  10. 32
    Higher education
    blue or gray
    homemade tiramisu
    sarcastic & creative

    (What a fun post - I like reading the other answers!)

  11. I love this idea <3
    22, Currently on the job hunt since graduating last week but one day I'll be winning an Oscar for best original screenplay, Mint green or teal, potatoes, sarcastic and witty <3

  12. Haha well you know me. :) I'm horrible at commenting, but everyone loves talking about themselves, right?
    1. 20
    2. Photographer/Stock person for other photographers/intern that does social media and pretends she knows how to design websites.
    3. Green!
    5. Contemplative, Creative

  13. Cute, I'd of course love to tell you!

    Mental Health Therapist
    Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
    Outgoing and Carefree

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  14. 25
    ux designer
    changes often, but loving turquoise!
    cheese + chocolate
    sarcastic + loyal

  15. You already know me, but I'm doing this anyway :) Maybe you'll discover something new?

    english teacher / technologically-savvy literature/new media professor
    mint green
    anything with cheese / cookie dough ice cream
    judicious + sarcastic

  16. I feel like you know me quite a bit too, but I'm going to do it anyways!
    Barista and freelance designer / art director or advertising executive
    Sushi and/or chocolate pudding
    contemplative & sarcastic

  17. That is so nice, that you want to know your readers a bit better! :)
    I am 21 years old
    Right now I am a sales advisor at H&M/ full time blogger or a stylist
    My favorite color is green
    Pasta Bolognese ( the best dish there is!)
    Friendly, & funny

  18. Great idea. :) Here are my answers: I'm 28 (well, 29 in june). I'm a comparative literature student, blogger wannabe and librarian. My favorite colour is navy blue. Food and dessert: pasta Bolognese and chocolate; if you want to make me happy, just give me chocolate. :) Sarcastic and friendly, that's me in two words. :)

  19. Oh Sara! I love this, it's so nice that you are wanting to get to know your readers more. Your blog is wonderful and people love to read it, and getting more personal with them is a great step. I'll do this :)
    Almost 23 years old, I work at daycare services and hope to be a known photographer/photojournalist/humanitarian, favorite color is (this is hard!) between gold and coral, macarons, dreamer and wanderlust.

  20. Hi :)

    I'm 22. A student. I can't choose just one favourite colour. I may as well live off potatoes, pasta and noodles and I would call myself a bit of a daydreamer and a nut. Ha! Loved this post, it's interesting to read all of the other readers' comments too!

  21. I'm sure you know all of these but I'll do it anyway :)

    24 and a half
    Account Manager/Project Leader
    Hot pink
    Tofu/pumpkin pie
    Emotional and Silly

  22. Aww this is such a great post idea!
    -aspiring to be a social entrepreneur!
    -baskin robbins rainbow sherbert
    -friendly and adventurous (i hope hahah)

  23. I love these!

    • how old you are: 24, turning 25 on July 28th!

    • what your job is and/or what you aspire to be one day: I can't work, however I've had one dream job since I was a very little girl: be a wife, mother and artist. ♥ I wouldn't mind blogging or gaming for a living, if I could!

    • what your favorite color is: definitely blue, followed by black and purple.

    • the one food and/or dessert you can't live without: Jen's home-made dishes, especially her stir-fry and chow mein. Non-home-made would be breads... Loaves, pancakes, whatever.

    • & two words that describe you: Passionate x Dreamer

  24. Oh, how fun!

    Family Video superstar (holler) and stationery designer!
    Peanut Butter. Anything.
    Outgoing. Thoughtful.


  25. I'm 18 years old. I'm a biology major and plan on going to medical school, but if the opportunity to work on SNL arises, I won't say no! My favorite color is red, but I also love pastels. Chocolate is a necessity and so is fresh fruits and vegetables. Sarcastic and humorous.

  26. SNL would be the best job ever!! Thanks for answering!

  27. Thanks for answering! I love the color green!

  28. I'm turning 25 on June 22nd! Thanks for answering!

  29. Thanks for answering, Joyce! Teal is a beautiful color! And now I want sherbet!

  30. I like that you added the "and a half!" I always thought your favorite color was green! Yum, tofu!

  31. Thanks for answering, Kate! You will be a great professor one day! I can totally see it!

  32. Thanks for answering, Lucy! Love me some pasta too!

  33. Thank you so much!! You will definitely be a well-known photographer one day! You're photographs are absolutely beautiful!

  34. Thanks for answering! I would totally call myself a wannabe librarian too! Yum chocolate!

  35. Thanks, Maddie! You will be a great stylist!

  36. Thanks!! I can totally see yellow as your fave color! Now I want sushi!

  37. You'll be an amazing professor!! I love that your favorite color is mint green! Such a lovely color!

  38. Thanks for answering, Jenn! It was great learning some things about you!

  39. Thanks! Yum to mint chocolate chip ice cream!

  40. Thanks for answering! You're an amazing photographer! I love mac and cheese too!

  41. Thanks! Congrats on graduating! I hope to see you win that Oscar!!

  42. Thanks for answering! Yum to that tiramisu!

  43. Thanks for answering, Naomi! I think working in a museum or gallery would be great!

  44. Happy almost birthday!! You'll figure out what you want to do! There's no rush! Being an adult is overrated!

  45. Thanks! Oooh slushies! Yum! The taro root froyo is from a frozen yogurt place near me called Go Greenly! It's so good!

  46. Thanks for answering! Pasta is always my go-to dish when I'm too lazy to make anything else because it's so good!

  47. Thanks! Pastel shades are so pretty!

  48. Thanks for answering, Breenah! Garlic fried rice sounds amazing!

  49. A preschool teacher sounds like a fun job! Yum to that Dronning Maud mousse! Never heard of it before, but now I want to try it!

    Thank you so much!!

  50. Thanks for answering! An art director in fashion or video games sounds amazing! I hope you get that job!

  51. Those are great jobs to aspire to be!! Good luck! Thanks for answering!

  52. Hi! I love this idea!

    23 (in 2 days!)
    Office Coordinator // working in marketing/writing
    PURPLE too!
    pasta // cupcakes
    organized // dramatic

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  53. I'm 33 years old
    I work as an executive assistant // working as Chief Operating Officer @ healthcare facility
    cupcakes too!!! @Priya Pappu
    Dreamer & thoughtful


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