Friday, May 9, 2014

Work Wishlist

Technically, I don't have my own desk. I share a space with the two interns and sometimes I have to move my laptop to where the graphic designer sits when she's not there. It might be weird to get cute desk accessories for a space that isn't really mine, but a girl can dream. I might get a standing organizer (like the black and white one below) in order to store my growing pile of papers. 
Work Wishlist
 Patterned pens -- Yay for cute pens
 Personal blender -- I bought this because I would love to have smoothies more!
 Desk organizer -- I reach for sticky notes way too often. I use them for daily to-do lists.
 Floral notepad & red border notepad -- You can never have too many notepads
 Patterned paper organizer -- Need a pretty place to store all my paper
 Cute pen -- Yep another pen
 Happy mug -- Because I aspire to be happy everyday!

What do you have on your desk at home or work?

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  1. I have such an obsession with desk accessories and would switch them out monthly if my wallet would let me.

  2. The personal blender is such a great idea!!! :D



  3. Those fabulously over dressed notepads are so cute!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. this stuff is so cute! I have been hoping soooo hard that I get my own work space so I can personalize it!

  5. Aaaaand now I want a desk of my own!

  6. The personal blender is such a great idea!!! :D

  7. aw so cute! once you get your own desk, I'm sure it will look darling! =D


  8. cute picks! we've finally got enough space at home for me to have a desk and i'm so excited to decorate it :)

  9. they're gorgeous! really like the happy mug :)

  10. I'd be happy with all of this in my office. Love the blender idea, so cool!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  11. The notepads are so cute! I know how you must feel, I share my desk too. Things also aaaalways go missing when I move between desks, haha and I leave stuff around everywhere :) xo

  12. Dressed with soulMay 11, 2014 at 3:31 PM

    So sorry that you haven't your own desk ... I dreamed also from wonderful pieces for my desk when I was little but I have to admit that now on my desk there are only my keyboard, my phone, two monitors, a pencil, a notepad and my mug :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  13. You may not have a desk today, but one day you might! At least for now you could always purchase those cute pens :)


  14. I just added that blender to my birthday wish list!! That is freaking amazing. I was just talking to a coworker about smoothies in the morning and how I get discouraged from trying them because I don't have time for the clean up that comes with using my blender. That would be super easy clean up, THEY HAVE PINK and it's only $30!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  15. You're very welcome!! I have yet to use mine, but I keep saving recipes for smoothies!

  16. I like that you keep it all minimalistic! I need to start doing that!

  17. I move between three desks, so it's a little crazy! lol

  18. That's so fun! I love decorating too!


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