Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY: Neon & Black Nails

Inspired by the picture below, I decided to try my hand (ha!) at replicating this interesting nail art. I like how it's somewhat art deco because of its shape, the neon color makes it bright while the black tones it down, and a little bit of exposed nail makes it unique. It reminds me of a more colorful, oddly-shaped French Manicure.

My version...

I used a bright neon pink because I don't have neon yellow and because it's nearly Valentine's Day.

I used blue painter's tape to make my lines straight. I placed strips of tape over my nail at an angle
and painted the pink first. I did two coats, waited for it to dry, then pealed the tape off.

Then I used the same tape stripes, angled them the other way, and painted the black side.
Two coats and then peeled them off, and finished with a clear top coat when dry.
It's not perfect, but I'm really liking the results. Plus, it was super easy to do.

What do you think?

(Top photo via BellaSugar)

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