Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Have you ever felt you were meant to live in a different time period?

Sometimes I joke that I should've lived in England during the 19th century because I know so much about the period. I mostly blame Jane Austen (in a good way). I know what they wore and how the styles changed during the course of the century, I know the customs and how people in society were supposed to act, I know what major events happened that affected the people of England, and much more. I also know what happened during this period in the U.S., but for me it isn't quite as interesting.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very American and I'm proud to be American, but Edwardian and Victorian British literature is one of my favorites. Pretty much anything British I love.

I asked some other people what time period they would've liked to be in. My mom would've liked to experience more of the 1950s, as she was only a child during the time. My brother, Leo, wishes he could've been alive during the Enlightenment or the end of the 19th century when many inventions were being made (he's studying to be an electrical engineer).

My best friend, Jackie, wishes that she could've been alive during the 1960s. When I asked her about it, she said:

"I have always been in love with the spirit of the 60's. My first introduction to it was the music. Mostly the things my mom likes, like the Turtles, the Box Tops, the Youngbloods, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and Jefferson Airplane. I just really loved the music and the songs. I loved all the bright colors, the tie-dye and lava lamps and the flowers. I really love the fashion too. I loved bell bottoms, little tops, the vests and head bands. I wanted to grow my hair long, just like they did. When I got older and I understood it more I fell in love with the mind set of the people.  They believed in freedom and in LOVE.  Love is the most important thing in life, and the people in the 60's knew that.  They were free to just run around and dance to the music, and to love each other.  They stood up for what they believed in.  They wanted love, peace, and for people to stop judging them; all the things I want in life too.  One of my goals in life is to join a protest as a way to connect with the 60's because they protested when they saw something wrong."

However, even though I love the 19th century, if given the chance would I actually use a time machine to live in that period? Probably not permantly. I would definitely miss modern technology, plumbing, and the freedom that women have today. But I would most certainly visit now and then if I could!

Have you ever felt you should've have lived in a different time period? Would you rather live then or today? Is there any time period you wish you could experience, if only for a day?

Thanks for the quote, Jackie!

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  1. I've felt this way so many times! I love the 1980s and 1920s :)

  2. yay i love this! thanks for quoting me! :)

  3. I wish I could have lived in Prince Edward Island, been friends with Ann of Green Gables and worn long dresse with lacy blouses everyday!

    Virginie ♥


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