Friday, February 24, 2012

Ways to Run Away from Reality

Sometimes you just want to run away from life without actually going somewhere far away. Life gets clogged up with junk, with deadlines and work, with people, with commuting, with annoying bad weather, and whatever else. So it's best to take a breather and put life on hold.

Here are some ways to run away this weekend...


Go See a Movie
Yes, even by yourself. It can be a refreshing change and you won't
have to make small talk before and after the movie.

Shopping / Thrifting
Shopping is a great way to make yourself feel better,
and when you go thrift shopping you know that you'll be saving lots of money too.
Bring a friend or go alone.

I'm not sure what it is about this site, but it takes certainly takes me away
to a magical place. If you want something, someone there makes it.
And you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home!

Spa Day / Staycation
If you need a day to be pampered, taking a friend and going to the spa can be pure bliss. Or take a quick day trip to a city an hour or two away to visit a musuem, drink milkshakes at a 1950s restaurant, and talk while gazing at the window displays. 


Watch Your Favorite Movie or Read Your Favorite Book at Home
I mean really, what else do you need but a good book
and a bowl of your favorite ice cream?

Go to the Library
It's quiet and peaceful and there's free books, movies, cds, and more.
Read a book, bring your computer to write in solitude or watch a movie,
and bring a hidden snack (just eat it quickly).

Make a New Dish / Dessert
I would definitely try this chocolate ice cream that doesn't require an ice cream maker.

Visit a Park or Garden
Being among nature and seeing incredible large-scale artwork,
like at the PepsiCo Gardens, allows you to escape for a while.

Pamper Yourself
Spas are expensive, so stay at home with a nice bubble bath
and some light music. Try this from Philosophy.

Get Creative
What's better than knowing you made something yourself?
DIY's are fun and make you forget your worries.

Catch Up on Zzzz's
Sleep during the day when your room is warm and bright
and you can dream of Mr. Darcy or Ryan Gosling serenading you.

 How do you run away from reality?

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