Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tattoos (Pt. 2)

It's gray and dreary outside, I have homework to do, and a health meeting later, so I thought it would be nice to look at beautiful tattoos.

What did you do yesterday on Valentine's Day? I had my Victorian Sci-Fi class, then went home to exercise, watch New Girl, and eat a small piece of brownie! Yum!

 Love the placement of this compass tattoo

Love these feather tattoos

 Love the font of this Imagine tattoo

 Love the intricate detailing in these flowers

Love the font and placement of this tattoo

 Love this Deathly Hallows tattoo

Love this "It's always darkest before the dawn" tattoo

 Love this Freedom tattoo

 Love this girl with a balloon tattoo

Love this courage tattoo

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(Tattoologist, AnnaWintorWantsMe, or unknown)

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  1. i really, really LOVE your blog hun! it's lovely and i'm happy to have found it today! keep up the great posts, because i'll be coming back for more! hehe

    newest follower! ♥

    hugs, xo!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it!!! You're making me blush!

  2. The last tattoo (courage) gave me chills. So pretty and powerful!!

    I also adore the compass tattoo - perfect placement! Wrist tattoos are always a favorite too...I'm thinking about getting one soon!

    1. I like that you said that the last tattoo is powerful because that's exactly what I thought! I've always loved wrist tattoos as well. I've always felt tattoos are for you and not necessarily for show, so if it's on your wrist you can see it everyday and still be able to show it if you want to.

  3. I love the feather on the inside of the arm - so beautiful!

  4. I love your blog!:)

    please visit and follow:

  5. it's gray and dreary here too right now.

    and love the first one.

  6. gorgeous!


  7. Hi, Sara
    I'm Thy and I really love the Freedom tatto of your, the font's very artistic, I really want to know which font did you use? Can you let me know, I'm very appreciated :)
    Have a nice day


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