Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Four Spring Trends I Want to Try

I always look forward to spring. It means no more cold weather, icy roads, dry skin, and bundling up in heavy coats. Although the spring season has it's problems too (tons of rain and temperamental temperatures), it also brings flowers and lovely breezes, and this year some fun, new trends.

This year, they seem to be either innocent or sexy.

Spring Trend: Mint
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Although everyone seems to be talking about tangerine and yellow as the coolest new colors, I much prefer the suble and sweet color of mint. It's a soft pastel that is perfect for spring and reminds me of the cool breezes of the season.

Spring Trend: Peplum
When I first saw peplum popping up, I knew I had to try it. It's feminine and sensual because it shows off your curves without being too over the top. The blue top (which I just ordered online in lavender) can be dressed down  with jeans or dressed up with a skirt and heels.

Peter Pan Collar
Spring Trends: Peter Pan Collar
I already have a dress with a peter pan collar and I would love to get more. This collar makes any top or dress a little bit more girly and sweet without making you look like a little girl. You could wear a peter pan top with boyfriend jeans to make it less feminine.

Spring Trends: Sheerblocking
With sheer sleeves or strategically placed sheer cutouts, it seems perfect for spring -- covered up enough for when it's on the cold side, but sheer enough for when it's warm. It can also be as casual or as fancy as you want.

What spring trends are you going to wear?

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  1. This winter, Lady Gaga predicted that mint would be the "in" color this year.

    I love mint! (and those earrings) and i love sheer/lace!


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