Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book Lover's Day!

Today is Book Lover's Day! How cool is that?! To celebrate I'm starting a new book called How To Live Safely in A Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu. I gave up on reading The City and The City by China Mieville; it's just too...literary. And I found myself lost when I read it because he doesn't describe things and the dialogue is just so weird. It's only the third book that I've intentionally stopped reading. The first was one I can't remember the title of and the second was Moby Dick. Wow is that book wordy and way too long.

Anyway, here are some super cute trinkets for book nerds to commemorate the day...
Book Lover's Day
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And I'm excited to read some books that I've had stacked in my room for a while now...
Books To Read
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Since we're on the subject of books: remember my goal of reaching 25 books this year? Well, I've already read 15! Do any of you have a book goal this year? How many books have you already read?

P.S. -- My mom won two tickets to a screening of The Odd Life of Timothy Green, so I'll be seeing it tonight with my brother, Ben. Happy Thursday!

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  1. happy book lovers day!

    and i think that timothy green movie sounds SO ADORABLE! jennifer garner seems like such a great mom in real life, so i think it should be fun seeing her play a mom in a movie :)

  2. i love that ring! have fun at the movie!

  3. I love these things, they're so cute!
    I have absolutely no idea how many books I've read this year^^ but 15 is pretty good :D I don't know, it's weird lately .... during school I barely read (only the stuff for school) but I write loads of fanfiction and when I'm on holiday I sometimes can't put the books down :D


    1. I find it hard to read during school too. There's so many other things to do.


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