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Movies I Want To See (August 2012)

There is tons, I mean TONS of movies coming out in August: action, documentary, fantasy, horror, and lots of indie / foreign films. There really is something for everyone this month.

Craigslist Joe
The tagline is "31 Days > No Money > No Contacts > Endless Possibilities." A young man leaves his whole life behind to see if he can survive for one month by using only Craigslist. He is depending on others from the site for travel, places to stay, food, etc. It seems like an interesting film. (August 2)

Also available on iTunes on August 2.

Total Recall
Starring Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel in this updated version, the movie follows factory worker Douglas Quaid, who has a beautiful, loving wife, but he wants to use a mind-trip to escape his boring life. He goes to Rekall, the company that turns your dreams into reality, so that he can have the life of a spy, but something goes terribly wrong and now Quaid is a hunted man. 

The main difference between the two movies is that the original with Schewarzenegger took place on Mars, whereas this one is on Earth. I've seen the original more times than I can count, so I definitely want to see this one. (August 3)

The Bourne Legacy
Featuring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, who is an agent of Operation Outcome. Because of Jason Bourne, Cross' life is now in danger. Also starring Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. I loved the first three films, so I'll be in theatres to watch all the action unfold. (August 10)

The Odd Life of Timothy Green
This film about a happily married couple (Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton), who want a child and then surprisingly find a boy (CJ Adams) on their doorstep one stormy night looks so sweet and charming. The couple discovers that Timothy is both strange and magical. (August 15)

This chilling film is about whether someone should trust a figure of authority and how far they should go. A manager (Ann Dowd) at a fast food joint gets a call from a police officer that an employee (Dreama Walker, Don't Trust the B-- in Apt. 23) has taken money from a customer. The manager follows the officers step-by-step instructions, believing that she's doing what's right, but how far will she go? And how does she know that the man on the line really is the police? (August 17)

Watch the trailer here.

Sleepwalk with Me
Comedian Mike Birbiglia stars in this insightful and hilarious film as a stand-up comedian who can't express his true feelings to his long-time girlfriend, so his anxiety comes out in increasingly dangerous sleepwalking incidents. (August 24)

Watch the trailer here.

Other films coming out in August:
  • Celeste and Jesse (August 3)
  • The Babymakers (August 3)
  • Hope Springs (August 10)
  • The Campaign (August 10)
  • Cosmopolis (August 17)
  • ParaNorman (August 17)
  • The Expendables 2 (August 17)
  • Sparkle (August 17)
  • Premium Rush (August 24)
  • Solomon Kane (August 24)
  • Lawless (August 29)
  • 7500 (August 31)
Which movies do you want to see this month?

(Posters via ComingSoon.Net)

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  1. the odd life of timothy green looks so cute!

  2. There are so many movies I`m looking forward to, but especially The Bourne Legacy. I`ve loved every movie in the series so far and I can`t wait to see where they take the story next!


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