Monday, August 13, 2012

School Wishlist

Happy Monday, guys! Notice anything different? I changed my blog name and layout. I hope you like it. Please, please let me know if you do or if don't or if you think anything should be changed. I'm open to hearing your thoughts.


It's that time of year again. My third semester at City College starts in two weeks. I have most of my books, my notebooks are ready, and I have the classroom numbers written down. There are only a few things I need / want for the new year.  

School Wishlist
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*I keep a case of tea in my trunk because it prevents me from spending $1.75 to $2
on a drink every single day. Instead I spend $4.99 on a case of 12 bottles. Much better!

What new things do you get when school starts? Or did get?

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  1. i love the name change and the banner, but i think the wood background is a little dark. maybe try something a little lighter? and i love those shoes! i cant wait for my cat shoes to come!

  2. That bookmark is super cute! And even though I'm not in college anymore, I'd love that pen pouch and bag :)


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