Monday, August 6, 2012

Outfit: Work Appropriate

This blazer is quickly becoming one of my favorite items to wear to work. It's fitted but still stretchy and it has three-quarter sleeves, which I love because I always end up pushing my sleeves up anyway. To make it more fun, I added polka dots and blush-colored flats. Cute work appropriate outfit? Check!

The only problem with this lovely shirt is that it has an open back, which I think is so cute, but not quite appropiate for work since my bra sometimes shows (as evidenced above). The only time I took my blazer off was when I was starting to sweat a little from boxing products to ship and then moving said heavy boxes.

Although I never got around to taking an outfit picture, this is what I wore to my cousin's bridal shower. A black dress {seen here & here}, a metallic belt, and fuschia wedges. The shower was so fun -- we talked, ate outside, and when it started raining my cousin Courtney opened all her presents. And a friend of hers used some of the wrapping paper and ribbon from her presents to make her a crazy hat. I can't wait to go to her wedding in Vermont at the end of August.

Outfit 1:                                                                                                    
Top // old                                                                                                   
Blazer // Marshalls                                                                                      
Jeans // Forever 21                                                                                       
Flats // eBay

Outfit 2:
Dress // Forever 21
Belt // old
Wedges // Payless (only $8!)

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  1. i love that blazer! it looks really good with a polka dots, and that awesome open back tee is...well...AWESOME! i love open back shirts. The are sexy but still classy...just like us, haha :-P

    1. Hahaha, so true! We are sexy and classy! You crack me up!

  2. I love blazers! They're super cute :)

  3. Thats a great blazer!

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