Monday, August 27, 2012

New Fall TV: If You Like Drama...

With fall TV just around the corner (I can't wait!), I figured I would dedicate a week to showcasing the best new shows coming to a couch near you! And boy is there a lot of them. So dust off your remote controller and fluff up that pillow, you might be sitting in your favorite armchair a lot come September.

So let's just get the biggest group out of the way. Drama seems to be most people's favorite since there are so many shows of this genre (ie. doctor, cop, lawyer, etc.), both on TV right now and coming soon.

Note: these posts will be divided into two sections "fall" (season starts September or October) and "midseason" (season starts in January).

Chicago Fire
  • Plot: Follows a group of firefighters as the struggle with the death of one of thier own, as well as their own struggles both at work and at home.
  • Starring: Jesse Spencer (House) & Taylor Kinney (The Vampire Diaries)
  • If You Like: Rescue Me
  • When It's On: Wednesdays at 10pm on NBC

  • Plot: A modern take on the Sherlock novels in Brooklyn, NY. Sherlock is a drug-addict and Watson, a woman, is his sober companion and partner in solving crimes.
  • Starring: Johnny Lee Miller & Lucy Liu
  • If You Like: Sherlock
  • When It's On: Thursdays at 10pm on CBS

Emily Owens, M.D
  • Plot: A recent medical school graduate is horrified to learn that her high school nemesis is going to be working with her at her new hospital.
  • Starring: Mamie Gummer
  • If You Like: Hart of Dixie
  • When It's On: Tuesdays at 9pm on The CW

Last Resort
  • Plot: When the U.S. tells a submarine to fire upon Pakistan and they ignore the order, the crew themselves come under attack from their own government and then declare themselves their own sovereign nation with nuclear weapons.
  • Starring: Andre Braugher & Scott Speedman
  • If You Like: submarine warefare
  • When It's On: Thurdays at 8pm on ABC

Made in Jersey
  • Plot: A born and bred Jersey girl must prove herself in a posh New York City law firm against the upper class lawyers.
  • Starring: Janet Montgomery
  • If You Like: Fairly Legal
  • When It's On: Fridays at 9pm on CBS

  • Plot: The career of a famous country star is threatened when a young new starlet comes onto the music scene.
  • Starring: Connie Britton (American Horror Story) & Hayden Panettiere (Heroes)
  • If You Like: Glee, Smash
  • When It's On: Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC

The Mob Doctor
  • Plot: A young surgeon has ties to the mob and at times must do things for them (ie. kill people when she's supposed to save them).
  • Starring: Jordana Spiro & Zach Gilford
  • If You Like: any doctor or mob show
  • When It's On: Mondays at 9pm on FOX

  • Plot: Set in the 1960s in Las Vegas, a rancher goes up gangsters just as the city is becoming a center for gambling.
  • Starring: Michael Chiklis, Dennis Quaid & Jason O'Mara
  • If You Like: Boardwalk Empire
  • When It's On: Tuesdays at 10pm on CBS

The Following
  • Plot: Eight years at a serial killer is arrested, an FBI agent must come out of retirement when a copy cat killer is at large.
  • Starring: Kevin Bacon & James Purefoy
  • If You Like: Criminal Minds
  • When It's On: 2013 on FOX
  • Plot: A journalist and production assistant investigate a crime show with a cult following whose followers might be recreating the crimes committed on the series.
  • Starring: Robert Knepper (Prison Break), Matt Davis (The Vampire Diaries) & Alona Tal
  • If You Like: Criminal Minds, Castle
  • When It's On: 2012 on The CW

  • Plot: When a socialite dies, her best friend who is a detective goes undercover to figure out what happened. The detective begins by investigating her late friend's family.
  • Starring: Meagan Good, Victor Garber & Tate Donovon
  • If You Like: Revenge
  • When It's On: 2013 on NBC

Zero Hour
  • Plot: When an antique clock collector is abducted, her husband discovers an unsual treasure map that might lead him to her, but first he must crack the codes to reveal the conspiracy.
  • Starring: Anthony Edwards, Jacinda Barrett, Scott Michael Foster & Michael Nyqvist
  • If You Like: Warehouse 13
  • When It's On: 2013 on ABC

Which drama shows are you going to watch?
I'm looking forward to seeing Elementary, Made in Jersey, and Zero Hour.

(All pictures via BuzzSugar)

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