Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gifts for History Geeks

History is of course very long, so one person's favorite period may be another's least favorite, but I think they can all agree that history is important. When getting a gift for a history buff start wirh their favorite time period (Middle Ages) or country (Chinese history) or war (WWII) and narrow it down from there. 
Old World Map by Aprint (Etsy)

Family Tree Chart at Fresh Retro Gallery (Etsy)

Cameo Necklace / Brooch at Halle's Hobbies (Etsy)

Vintage History Books at Bella Inspirations (Etsy)

Queen Marie Antoinette Marble Bust at Dixie Larue (Etsy)

History of the World War Book at The Book Shoppe (Etsy)

 History Buff Shirt at Cafe Press

Wall Decal Quote by 7Decals (Etsy)

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