Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Tiffany of Style Honestly

Today Tiffany of Style Honestly is taking over my blog!

Hello Lovely Readers of Sincerely Sara! I can honestly say that her blog title fits her. She is very sincere and sweet and also faithful blog reader. I am glad to be her sponsor and regular reader :)

Since Sara is all about inspiration, my desire is to inspire you! (I'm sorry. I could not write this guest post without at least one corny line!) If you read Style Honestly, you would know that I am all about deals. I love thrifting and believe that everyone could have great style as long as thrift stores exist. If you don't thrift, I am here to inspire you to get started!

Here are some things that I've thrifted:

I found this lovely Boston Proper sweater for only $4 at my local thrift. I was in love with it as soon as my gaze fell upon the beautiful detailing and feminine shape.
original post
I was wandering through a Volunteers of America when this beautiful vintage hat caught my eye. It was only $8!
original post
This is one of my favorite dresses...thrifted for $3. Oh and the belt was $0.99!
original post
This vest is probably my favorite find from last year. It was only $8 and was in perfect condition! The shirt underneath was only $1.

original post
I know that thrifting can be intimidating and overwhelming at times, but if you stick with it, and go regularly, your wardrobe will thank you. You will be able to fill it with unique pieces and vintage finds for a fraction of what you'd pay retail. The savings will be astronomical*

*just don't become a thriftoholic and go daily. Then you will still spend just as much. Haha.

Much Love!

Visit Style Honestly and say hello to Tiffany!

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  1. Style honestly you look great.. Cannot believe you got that lovely pink sweater for $4

  2. Whoa, Tiffany, I cannot believe you got that vest only for $8! It is a true winner! :)
    Really lovely guest post!

  3. Tiffany is a thrifting queen! I wish I was able to find such cute things when I go thrifting!

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    Headband Giveaway!

  4. Total thriftoholic right here, haha! Love that dress!


  5. these are some awesome finds!

  6. you totally can! Just a little patience and the right eye :)

  7. GIrl, I was super excited! Thanks!

  8. Thanks! This is definitely my favorite sweater too!


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