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My Favorite TV Shows + Sponsor: Bookworms in Dresses

You guys know that I'm a TV addict. Though I've cut down the amount of shows I watch recently since I have less time, I still have quite the list of shows I watch on a regular basis. The ones highlighted here are my current favorites; the ones I'm always excited to see when it airs. When these shows are on, I stop multitasking and just watch them. 

The following are listed in no particular order:

♥ Sleepy Hollow is a fantasy-horror show about Ichabod Crane, who is awakened in 2013 at the same time as the Headless Horseman. Police officer Abbie Mills teams up with Ichabod to stop the Horseman, who is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I like that the story is bigger than just one horseman now. Plus it's fun and spooky to watch. (Inspired By: Sleepy Hollow!)

♥ Castle has always been one of my favorite shows: the crime-fighting duo detective Kate Beckett and writer Richard Castle is perfect in my opinion. The characters balance each other out, there's lots of humor, fast-paced action, interesting crimes, and a great will-they-won't-they romance.

♥ Hart of Dixie is an entertaining show about Zoe Hart, a New York doctor who moves down South to Bluebell, Alabama. You can't help but love all the characters, Zoe's fashionable outfit choices, and the love triangle between Zoe, lawyer George, and bartender Wade. #hotdamn

♥ New Girl is so adorkable, as is Jessica Day, the young woman who moves into an apartment with three guys, Nick, Winston, and Schmidt. Humor ensues. I love all the characters for different reasons and every episode makes me smile.

♥ Once Upon A Time is a fantasy show about Emma Swan, who is taken to Storybrooke, Maine by Henry, the son she gave up for adoption. Henry is convinced that Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and that everyone is under a spell that forces them to forget who they really are. If you haven't seen this show, you should. It's whimsical and magical and so entertaining.

♥ The Mindy Project is about OB/GYN Mindy Lahiri, who is trying to balance her personal and professional life, and wishes her life was more like a rom-com. Mindy is likably annoying and the assortment of characters at her job are hilarious, as are the awkward situations that Mindy makes for herself. 

♥ Arrow is based on the comic book hero Green Arrow AKA Oliver Queen, the rich playboy who was stranded on an island for five years. When he returns, he vows to save his city and becomes a masked, crime-fighting hero. I like that this show is dark and emotional, but is still believable. 

♥ Reign follows Mary, Queen of Scots, as she navigates the treacherous French court, where she has been sent to secure her alliance to Prince Francis, but the marriage isn't guaranteed. This historical drama is racy and intriguing, and you can't help but root for Mary. (Inspired By: Reign!)

♥ Grimm is a darkly delightful show about Detective Nick Burkhardt, who discovers that he's actually a Grimm, someone who can see the true face of the Wesen, supernatural creatures. It's fun to watch because most of the cases that Nick and his partner Hank Griffin encounter are tied to a Grimm fairytale. 

♥ Sherlock is a modern reimagining of Sherlock Holmes and his friend John Watson, who help Scotland Yard solve its toughest and strangest crimes. The bromance between Sherlock and John makes me happy and the humor balances out the witty banter and clever cases. (Inspired By: Sherlock!)

♥ Bonus: Atlantis is a new favorite that I recently watched with my brother. It's about Jason, a young man in search of his father, who takes a submarine to where his father was last seen and is transported to Atlantis, a place where ancient Greece still exists. There he befriends Pythagoras and a chubby Hercules. 

What are your current favorite shows?

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  1. i already love new girl, will need to try some of the others! x

  2. The Mindy Project is one of my favs too...Mindy Kaling is just so hilarious! I'm hoping Mindy and Danny finally hook up this season.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Lots of good shows (and some more I still keep meaning to get to!). Part of my problem is that I actually have to learn to stop multitasking and WATCH them

  4. Sleepy Hollow is seriously the best thing to ever happen to TV! xo

  5. I'm so out of the loop on shows! I do love Once Upon a Time though!

  6. Hello fellow TV enthusiast, lol. I loooove Sherlock! Did you watch the latest season? I'm still in shock!


  7. i think i've sadly only seen one of these shows so far, Grimm! which i enjoy when i remember to watch it.. netflix has been my friend lately though catching up on walking dead, and breaking bad. don't know what those shows say about me though. O_O


  8. Oh, man. SHERLOCK. I can't even articulate how awesome that show is.

    I've never seen Castle, but I'm tempted to because of Nathan Fillion. I think I'm just nervous to because I'll just be wishing he was Captain Mal (from Firefly) the entire time, and I know I'll just be disappointed that he's not haha

  9. I'm a huge TV junkie!!!

    Castle - I'm obsessed! It's one of my favs, my other favs are Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, The Following & Ravensood (and I'm sure I'm missing some)

    New Girl, The Mindy Project, Arrow I used to watch but lost interest in all of them last season and no longer watch them.

    Once Upon A Time used to be one of my favorites, but the PETER PAN storyline kind of turned me off and I have four or 5 episodes still unwatched on my DVR!

  10. i can't wait for teen mom and degrassi to start :-P but i do want hannibal to come back!

  11. I love Sherlock so much!! You should watch a few episodes of Castle and see how you like it! It's really funny!

  12. I love Grimm and the Walking Dead! I watch both with my brothers!

  13. I only watched the first two episodes of Sherlock so far! So excited to see the last one!!

  14. Sometimes when I miss a show, I wait until the whole thing is on Netflix and then binge watch! So much fun!

  15. Exactly! I have to tell myself to stop browsing Pinterest and pay attention!

  16. Oh man, me too!! Danny is the best!

  17. If you love New Girl, then I would recommend The Mindy Project, which is kind of in the same vein! :)


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