Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Outfit: Business Casual Friday

How cute is this skirt? I saw it in someone's "closet" on Poshmark for $15 and I had to get it. It's a simple black skirt, but the scallops and cut-outs make it a little more special. Shopping on Poshmark is like thrifting though; it's hit or miss because you search for stuff and you either find stuff you like or you don't. And if you do buy something, it's still hit or miss because there's no store to try it on in. You just get it in the mail and hope. But despite all this, I've found some great stuff on Poshmark. 

If you're wondering about the background in my pictures, this is my dad's backyard. There are three levels to it: the first part has chairs and a hot tub (yes, my dad has a hot tub), the second part is a small grassy area, and the third part has a small playground for my sister, a trampoline, and a vegetable garden. Pretty cool, right?
Tee: via Poshmark | Skirt: via Poshmark | Wedges: Kohls (old)
Watch: Fossil | Bag: Old Navy

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  1. That's a pretty skirt! And the backyard, wow, it's awesome. Must be fun to hang out there :-)

  2. Love the skirt - it is so simple yet so adorable! Also, your dad's backyard is AMAZING! Wish I had a cool place like that to shoot close to home!

  3. Hehe I was TOTALLY like "where is she!?" your dad has a very cool backyard! And I love that skirt, it looks SO GOOD on you! :)


  4. I've been hearing a lot about Poshmark! I signed up for an account the other night in a sleep medication stupor, but haven't used it yet. Looks like you got some great use from it... that skirt is great!!


  5. great skirt "find!" =) love the details. so ethereal!

    Your dad has a great backyard!



  6. This is an adorable skirt! Love it :) I haven't used Poshmark yet and have been thinking about it!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  7. I love, love, love that skirt! Also, your bag is awesome. I have been looking for one similar in black. Lookin' cute as always!

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  8. Such a pretty backyard!! I'm loving your skirt and the gorgeous hem line!


  9. Uh, coolest backyard ever?! It seems like a party yard!

    So I've been trying to shop as little as possible and really wear out my closet, so I've yet to delve into the world of Insta/online thrift shopping. But I have no doubt at all that it is magical. Maybe that's why I'm staying away :)

    Great skirt! You can never have too many basic black skirts, but I agree, this one has some pretty detailing. Hope you are having a great week, Sara!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  10. Girl u got such a cute skirt for $15 , I like the detailing in the rim
    Generally I am really scared to try out from used store websites but will surely check this site out

  11. Your dad's backyard is awesome :)

  12. Dang, your dad's backyard sounds like the place to be! It has everything lol. The skirt was a great posh find :)


  13. Great location! When I saw the first photo I was like, wait, did she move? Haha. Sounds like a cool backyard! And I love the skirt!


  14. Wow, I would like to vacation in your dad's yard please. Haha. That skirt was a killer find! It looks so cute on you. http://lamentinglizzie.blogspot.com

  15. Super cute skirt! And I totally want a trampoline in my backyard- and a trampoline. http://www.sarahhartley.net

  16. What a lovely place! Your skirt is very beautiful.


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