Monday, August 25, 2014

Five Fall Fashion Trends {2014}

Fall already? It still feels like summer here in New York, but it will be autumn soon. Raise your hand if you're ready for cooler weather and seeing the leaves change color? You can count me in!

There are a bunch of fun trends for fall and they are all so wildly different that you'll all be able to find at least one that works with your style. I myself am looking forward to wearing more prints, pulling out my gray clothing, and looking a little outdoorsy. 

ONE | Prints, Prints, Prints

Do you like wearing prints? Well, you're in luck because prints -- all types of prints -- are big this fall. Stripes, florals, geometric prints, animal prints, etc. Keep wearing your floral summer dresses into the fall by pairing them with a cozy gray sweater or a plaid shirt. Have fun it by wearing florals with stripes, or animal prints with geometric prints. Go crazy!

TWO | Gray Everything
Gray Everything
After a summer of bright colors, it's time to get moody. Gray has been really popular lately because it's a cool neutral that works with every clothing style and every color of the rainbow. Wear it with radiant orchid to lighten it up, with a bold print, make it classy with a midi skirt, or have fun by wearing it with a pastel 60s-inspired dress. 

THREE| Midi Skirts
Midi Skirts
These bold skirts were popular in the spring and summer, and will remain a huge trend. There are so many midi skirt styles out there right now (A-line, pleated, printed, pencil) that you definitely be able to find something that works for you. The longer length is great for the cooler weather approaching. These ladylike skirts work perfectly with a 60s-inspired colorblock top, or wear it with a faux-fur vest, or a printed blouse. 

FOUR | Outdoorsy Chic
Outdoorsy Chic
Have you always wanted to dress like a mountain man? Then this is the trend for you! All kidding aside, this outdoorsy chic trend is great for fall because it's all about layering and wearing plaid, fleece, faux fur, and woodsy colors (like brown, burgundy, orange, and green). I think it would be interesting to mix this trend with some pastels or dark florals. 

FIVE | Bringing Back the 60's
First the 90's and now the 60's! If you love the mod style, then get ready to wear lots of mini skirts, colorblocking, and fit and flare dresses. But there's a twist: this style may be having a resurgence, but in soft pastel shades that are usually reserved for spring. Wear a pastel mini skirt with a gray sweater if you have a girly style, or a colorblocked dress with a vest to make it a little more outdoorsy. 

Trends still in: boyfriend jeans, sporty, pastels!

Which trends will you be wearing?

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  1. I love greys... Will definitely be wearing greys and florals (which I also love!)


  2. Love the looks. I think the prints have to be my fave

  3. Love the greys and the florals, but I definitely rock some of the outdoorsy look too!

  4. its still super hot hear in delhi but yes i can see the change in time of sunset

    i like the grey's :)

    Keep in touch

  5. I'm really excited about the gray trend!!


  6. I love all these!! I really like grey so I'd love to get into that one - and nothing says Autumn more than outdoorsy clothes!

  7. I don't wear enough gray, so I'm kind of excited to wear it more!

  8. I agree! It's always fun having more options!

  9. I'm really excited about the outdoorsy look!

  10. Me too! I want to mix grays with florals! :)

  11. I'm so ready for fall. I'm already drawn to most of these, with the exception of '60s-style clothing. I'm more of a '50s gal. Looking forward to adding more grey to my wardrobe!

  12. good picks above all because I bought a dress with the same floral print that the one you posted jajaajjaj; and I´m really excited about the 60's trend

  13. I love stripes and plaids for fall. Every year!

  14. Yes to 60's! I love 60s but please no midi skirts.

  15. Cute cute boards! I am drooling over most of those gray pieces, and I also LOVE midi skirts. I am waiting as long as I can to say this, but I love Fall and I can't wait! It's my favorite season.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  16. the fall trends look awesome this year! I want to dress 60's (of course!), outdorrsy, and in grey!

  17. Yay for gray - and I am loving all the items in outdoor too! I might have to check out some of the 60s options - I actually tell my hair stylist to cut my hair like Peggy-season-7, so it may be a good fit!

  18. Excited for the Fall weather - loving the fur and it's just too hot right now! xo

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