Monday, December 22, 2014

Interview with Jess of Bookworms in Dresses

I'm so excited to share this fun interview with Jess of Bookworms in Dresses! Jess is a blogger friend who loves reading (and she read a lot!), sketching, all things kawaii, travel, photography, and is the first to admit that she's a cat lady.

Hop over to Jess' blog and say hello!

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  1. YES The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon!! LOVE that book! Cried like a baby haha. :D Plus, I am weird and get excited when Stephen King mentions New Hampshire in his books as it's where I'm from/live. :D
    Also, if Jess ever visits NH, I'll have to send her to a movie theatre up north - Mr. King frequents it (it's near the Maine border) and my BFF has seen him there three times! :)

  2. Loved this interview and how u did it ^^



  3. I love fall, too and the edition of this interview! Wish you a happy Christmas week dear Sara!

    xx from
    Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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    Surprise with Self Interest

  4. OH MY GOSH! I would die if I saw him out and about in public! When I went to Maine I hoped every day that I'd somehow see him ahaha!

  5. i love this little interview you did, so cute! You should do it with other bloggers, its a great idea!

  6. That would be so cool!! I would love to meet Stephen King!


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