Friday, December 5, 2014

My Blogging Essentials

Now that I've been blogging for three years, I thought I would share my blogging essentials. 

When I first started out, my essentials were my computer, a point and shoot camera, and a tripod. Three years later I still use the same essentials, but now they're updated versions. There are a bunch of items that I use every day for blogging, but my main four essentials are: my computer, my Canon Rebel T3i with the Canon 50mm f/1.8 II, a tripod, and a camera remote. 

You absolutely don't need these to be a blogger. A computer and your thoughts might be all you need or want, but I've found that having a good camera (even if it's just a really good point and shoot) helps because people love looking at pretty pictures. A tripod and a remote are also not essential, but they most definitely help if you're a style blogger or a food blogger (you don't want those sticky fingers touching your camera), or any type of blogger because they have prevent shaky pictures. 

All of my blogging essentials are: 

What are your blogging essentials?

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  1. i have been wanted a Cannon Rebel for a long time, but once I saw yours I wanted it so much more!

  2. Tripods are also helpful so you are not aggravating family members to take pictures for you, haha.

  3. Thanks for the advice Sara! I seriously need to get a fancy camera!

  4. A tripod is one of my most wanted things for next year. It will make photographing my art (and so many other things) about a million times easier! I use a combination of Adobe Lightroom (this years splurge!) for editing and a REALLY old version of PS Elements haha. But it works!

  5. You have great items to help yourself be a better blogger. I still feel that I'm on the hunt in gathering the "best for me" blogging tools. One of which is finding a good remote and tripod! =D haha. I keep putting those items off.


  6. blytheponytailparadesDecember 5, 2014 at 2:17 PM

    Oh fun! I love seeing posts like this <3 My blogging essentials would be my camera, photoshop, imac, iphone, and notepad & pen :)

  7. This is such a great idea for a blog post! I'm also obsessed with all the color coordination going on in these photos.

  8. I need to get a camera remote. All of these items are great ideas for other bloggers!

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  9. Martie @ SpunkyrellaDecember 5, 2014 at 5:11 PM

    Agree with that list! I have yet to find a tripod I like but planning on investing in a reflector and remote. Also I am still undecided about getting Photoshop or Lightroom or Photoshop Elements. Decision, decisions :) Have a lovely weekend!

    PS: I always read your blog on lunch break but Disqs is disabled due to a filter and I can never comment and usually forget to do at night - sorry :)

  10. Love your essentials! Right now I use an intervelometer but I want to switch to a remote!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  11. Love this! My essentials are definielty my MacBook Pro (she's lasted 4 1/2 years but I think it might be time for an update), my Canon Rebel T3i (I basically used to use my iPhone and a point and shoot) and notebook (for ideas), my planner (to organize those ideas) and my record player (it sounds weird but I have to listen to music while I blog) <3

  12. First off, congrats to three years! What an accomplishment :) Second, my blog must haves are practically identical, minus the iPad. I also like having a mini gorrilapod tripod, since it's easier to shoot in public with it cause it's much teenier.


  13. I love your purple laptop! Something I really want to buy is a remote for my camera... I have a tripod but I put it on timer and run back and forth.... it sucks. Really bad. haha!


  14. I love your laptop!!! (Purple is my favorite color too!)

    I just got a fixed 50mm lens and I LOVE it!!!!

  15. I really want a 50 mm seems to make such a difference!


  16. I would say a blog planner is essential, to keep track of ideas and sponsorships. Love your laptop!

  17. Dear Sara, you are really well equiped, now wonder that your blog is so professional <3

    xx from
    Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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    Surprise with Self Interest

  18. My blogging essentials are very similar! As I've gotten more into my blogging "journey," I've transitioned to the better camera, tripod, etc and it really helps....but not necessary when you're just starting out!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  19. Those are pretty simple blogging essentials! It's good to hear you don't need much fancy equipment to blog :)


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