Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Outfit: Burgundy & Floral

So I found out last Thursday at the office holiday party that two people from work read my blog (Hi, Marisa and Nick!). It shouldn't be, but it's always a little strange when you discover that someone who you know in real life reads what you write on the internet. When Marisa brought it up I was hugely flattered and slightly embarrassed, even though I know that's ridiculous and I shouldn't be because I love this here blog and I'm proud of it. Has this ever happened to you?

By the way, you should check out Marisa's website because she's a great writer and writes a lot about some of my favorite things: films, TV, and pop culture. 

My mom knit me this scarf and I love it because gigantic and keeps me warm!

P.S. -- I started labeling some outfits "office style" if you want to see what outfits I've worn to work.
Scarf: handmade by my mom | Cardigan: Old Navy | Tee: old
Skirt: Francesca's | Leggings: Target | Boots: Amazon

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  1. that scarf is so big and awesome!

  2. I love the layers in this outfit! That scarf is so pretty!


  3. That scarf is gorgeous!! Your mom can really knit!! I also adore that floral skirt! I'm with you on feeling a little awkward/embarrassed when I learn someone I know in real life reads my blog too! I know my mom reads my blog haha!

  4. true, i find it so odd when people i know in real life read my blog and talk about it

    u look super pretty , the girly style suits you

    keep in touch



  5. Such a darling Winter look! Alex


  6. Your scarf is so pretty, I can't believe your mom MADE it!!

    The floral scarf is just so perfect for the office....any time of the year!


    Something About That

  7. this outfit made me smile! it's so darling and lovely!! :D

    happy holidays!

    Animated Confessions

  8. That scarf is so lovely (as is the whole outift!). Just looks so cozy and warm.

  9. I think I would be flattered and a little embarrassed too! I love my blog, but when you find out someone in your "real life" that you see face to face reads it too... it's just... idk, it's a strange feeling! kind of like getting caught singing or dancing when you thought no one was looking...lol! haha idk if that's a good comparison or not, but just that little "eeek they saw me!!" but then you instantly get over it. You look great btw! :)


  10. Yes I'm glad you agree! I would so embarrassed if I was caught dancing haha! Thanks!

  11. Thank you! No one in my family reads my blog actually, even though they all know about it. I think my mom reads it sometimes.

  12. Such a great skirt, and I had those same boots until they fell apart! I miss them though.

    I am alwayssss a tiny bit embarrassed when I talk to someone that says they've read my blog. I frantically think about the last few things I posted about, and whether they were actually important or seem vapid!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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