Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Outfit: Away We Go

On January 1st, my younger brothers and I are hopping on a plane to Austin, Texas to attend our cousin's wedding! I've never been to Austin or any part of Texas, so I'm excited to travel to a new place and explore. If you have any recommendations for cool shops or restaurants let me know.

This is the comfortable outfit that I'll be wearing on the plane: loose shirt, scarf, stretchy jeans, and booties. Can you believe I put everything I'm bringing with me (not including my purse) in this backpack? There are heels, flats, two dresses, a top, a cardigan, undergarments, another pair of jeans, toiletries, and some make up in this backpack. Yeah, I'm awesome at packing.

P.S. -- Thanks Yvonne for this pretty purple bracelet!
Top: Target {similar} | Jeans: Hollister | Scarf: gift | Boots: DSW
Bracelet: gift from Yvonne | Backpack: Delia's {similar}

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  1. Perfect flight outfit! Like you, I prefer to take only a backpack whenever possible! Winter makes that harder, but Austin is warmer so you should be fine! Also, jealousy... I want to see Austin. There is a small chance of moving there in the next two years and it looks like we might be moving blind at this rate! Have a wonderful trip! http://aroseisinbloom.blogspot.com/

  2. Cute shirt! Austin is actually not too warm right now (about 40 degrees and rainy) but that's still probably warmer than NY.
    Things to do/see if you have time:
    - catch a movie & meal at the Alamo Drafthouse
    - shop in the eclectic places along South Congress
    - eat at Torchy's Tacos
    - catch an improv comedy show at the Hideout

  3. Jess @ inpursuitofsimple.comDecember 30, 2014 at 10:03 AM

    It's not even a BIG backpack.

  4. There's an Alamo drafthouse right by where Sara lives :)

  5. I just left you an insanely long Facebook post of things to do in Austin :) I LOVE the back of your top, its so awesome!

  6. Austin is SO awesome!! That'll be such a fun little trip! I also love that purple bracelet! It's so pretty!!

  7. I always love all of the outfits you put together! Such great colors and patterns!

  8. Love this look!!! The top is so cute! And the combination of flower print is adorable! I still cannot believe u fit everything there! Im moving to the US soon, and I have luggages everywhere! :S. Hope you have a great time in Austin :) Happy New Year!



  9. really like your outfit, the sweater is so cool
    nice bag pack
    hope you had a great time in your couz wedding
    Keep n touch

  10. That top is so adorable! I love it! I love anything purple. lol! I've never been to Texas wither so, I can't wait to see a recap post! Hope you have a safe trip and a great New Year's!

  11. I love the purple! Have fun in Texas - lucky you, it must be warm there!

  12. I can't believe you fit all of that in that bag - must be a Hermione backpack! ;) Love this outfit, especially from the back. Just adorable!! Have fun in Austin! I've only been once when I was 15, but they had excellent comic book shops haha.

  13. Have fun in Austin!! and I love that gorgeous top!


  14. I love this outfit, the top and backpack are so pretty! Hope you have fun in Austin! :)


  15. Thank you!! I supposed to be a little bit warmer, but sadly not that much.

  16. I'll definitely do a recap post! Thank you!!

  17. You're moving to the US!! Where are you moving to? If you're moving anywhere near NY we should meet up! Happy New Year!

  18. Thank you! Yvonne of dearsunnyvintage.blogspot.com made it!

  19. Definitely planning on going to Torchy's Tacos! Luckily there's an Alamo Drafthouse 5 minutes from me. It's my new favorite movie theater! I'll be sure to check out South Congress! Thanks for the tips!

  20. Thank you!! I seriously don't know how it all fit! Rolling clothes is the way to go! If I could I would fit you in my bag too! :)

  21. Thank you, Elizabeth! Austin seems really cool! Everyone keeps telling me its a great place, so if you do move you're definitely moving to a fun place!

  22. love how daring you are with wearing floral on floral.


  23. A definite accomplishment! I love weddings and little brothers. Hope you have a fun trip, and share your wedding outfit when you get back!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  24. Teeheeeeee~ I'm so glad you like the bracelet! ^^ I still remember being fascinated with how the sliding knot worked as a kid XD and wow, that top is pretty cool. I didn't notice til the last page when I was trying to get a better look at your backpack!

    and dear lord, if we teamed up, the world would never have shows like "Hoarders" o_o

    Dear Sunny


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