Friday, January 30, 2015

Favorite Things {January 2015}

{iPhone 5c, iPhone case, cherry key chain, Pacifica eye shadow, Payless fuzzy moccasins,

I got my iPhone shortly after Christmas and it's been my favorite thing ever since! It made driving around Austin so easy since I had Siri to guide me. I love that I can get the Internet literally anywhere, so I can post to Instagram and Twitter whenever I want. Yeah, I'm #addicted.

Winter means cuddling in comfy clothes to read, so these polka dot pajamas (they're old, but I rediscovered them), these fuzzy mocs, and this pretty mug are keeping me warm. 

I'm sad I didn't get this floral camera case before I went to Austin because it fits my camera perfectly and it's extra protection against the big bad world and my at-times clumsy feet. I'll definitely be getting lots of use out of it this summer because I tend to go into New York City more when it's warm.  

Thanks, Avra, for this cute cherry key chain! I love it!

A few fun links:

 Words for book lovers that should exist!

 These book sculptures are intricate and beautiful.

 Can you love your body but still want to change it?

 How to write a great book review.

 What does fashion have to do with the civil rights movement?

 I've been living vicariously through Jess as she travels through Korea and Japan.

 New ways to set some reading goals.

 I love this Proust Questionnaire on Naomi's blog.

 When you don't know what to write about.

 Did you hear? Emma Watson is playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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  1. the camera case is so nice

    keep in touch

  2. That mug is so cute!

  3. Sweet things have a great week end!

  4. I don't know that anyone could be a better Belle than Emma Watson, I was excited to learn that! I haven't been particularly excited about/impressed by the recent flurry of live-action musicals on TV, but we'll see about this one. Love this series of yours! Definitely thought that camera case was a bike seat (?) for a minute there. Have a lovely weekend, Sara!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  5. I'm a bit in love with those polka-dot pjs! :D
    Also, that Words for Book Lovers was excellent....and absolutely true! We need those words!

  6. Oh, dear Sara, this polka dot pants are so lovely!

    xx from
    Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  7. How cute are those pants?! I love anything with polka dot!

    Also, isn't crazy how much you end up using (and loving) the iPhone? Once you have one, it's hard to imagine life without it.


    Something About That

  8. I LOVE that camera case so MUCH!! I really need a new case because my camera bag is so bulky and I would love to have a case like this I could throw in my big purse instead of having to wear a camera bag and purse <3

  9. The news about Emma Watson made me so excited!! I'll definitely be seeing that when it comes out. That camera case looks like a bicycle seat so when you mentioned the camera bag, I had to scroll up to see what you were referring to! It's gorgeous!

  10. that cherry key chain is so cute! and I just got an iphone last summer in July and am addicted to it too! best phone ever! I don't think I could ever go back to using an android again!


  11. Those slippers look so comfy!
    I can't wait to see Emma as Belle! I think she was very much the obvious choice as she is SO Belle!

  12. They are very comfy! I even got away with wearing them to work once! hehe
    Yes, she seems like the perfect Belle!

  13. Thanks! Yep, best phone ever!! #addicted

  14. Haha, I didn't even think about that! Yes, it totally does look like a bike seat!!

  15. This one is great! Plus, you keep the strap of the camera out, so you can wear it like a bag! Of course that means I'll have to careful not to bang into people or things!

  16. Haha, yes someone else mentioned that too! How funny that it looks like a bike seat! I'll be sure not to sit on it with my camera inside! lol

  17. They're my new favorite pjs!! Exactly! How did I go without an iphone for so long!?! :)

  18. I love all the links you find! Though, those book sculptures made me both go wow, and wince simultaneously. AND EMMA WATSON AS BELLE! Ahhhh!!! Perfect casting! Also, I think I need to steal your moccasins. They look beyond comfy and cute!

  19. love those cute mocassins


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