Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ipsy Glam Bag {January 2015}

I got my first Ipsy bag of 2015! This month's theme is Fresh Start, so it's about rejuvenating your skin and looking fresh-faced for the new year. I like the texture of this bag and the fact that on one side it's a bright royal blue and the other side it's a stark white. I really like the products in the bag this month!

What I got:
 BellaPierre Shimmer Powder in Whesek (full size $15)
 Elizabeth Mott's All Over Shadow Brush (full size $10)
 Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer (full size $16, sample $8)
 Pacifica Natural Mineral Shadow in Ethereal (full size $14 for whole palette, sample $4)
 LA Fresh Eco-Beauty Day Moisturizer (full size $14)

The whole bag is worth $51!

BellaPierre Shimmer Powder in Whesek

I wasn't sure I would like this because it's kind of a dark blue-gray-silver color and this loose shadow is kind of messy, but it's a gorgeous color. When you blend it in it becomes more of a gray-silver and it's a wonderful metallic. But I probably wouldn't get it again because I find loose powder annoying.

Elizabeth Mott's All Over Shadow Brush

I love getting brushes in my Ipsy bags because I never think to buy them on my own. This one is very soft, it's pink, and it blends beautifully. It's also not too big or long, so it would be great for travel. I would buy more of these!

Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer

I really like testing lip treatments and lip balms and this one feels nice on my lips. It's easy to apply due to the applicator and after a while it sinks into my lips and makes them feel soft. I don't think it really moisturizes; it mostly just softens but doesn't heal if that makes sense. I like it, but I wouldn't buy it due to the high price. 

Pacifica Natural Mineral Shadow in Ethereal

I LOVE this eye shadow! It's the perfect nude for my skin tone, but it also has a soft, subtle shimmer. It also blends easily. I've been wearing this non-stop. Sadly it doesn't come solo, just in a palette, but I would consider getting the palette. 

LA Fresh Eco-Beauty Day Moisturizer

This moisturizer is light-weight and quickly sinks into the skin. It has a cucumber scent. I also really like that it's "highly natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free, and California-born." I like it, but a whole tub of the stuff is $40, so no thanks. 

Have you tried any of these products? 
What products did you get in your Ipsy bag?

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  1. That moisturizer looks really good!

  2. LOVE the Pacifica shadow! Must sign up for Ipsy at some point - I've loved pretty much everything in the posts you've had about them!

  3. What a cute bag! and I'm glad you liked all the products :)


  4. I've never tried any of these but I really like the look of the Pacifica Natural Mineral Shadow. That's such a pretty color.

  5. hahahaha i love your no thanks lol! i love the moisturizer, it smells like I'm actually wiping a cucumber all over - i love it! but ill use it sparingly since its so expensive! anyway - good review here :) xo

  6. Love it! I am such a sucker for make-up, it is ridiculous!

  7. That Bellapierre shadow is a gorgeous color. I'm lazy and I don't usually wear eyeshadow, but I'm always drawn to shimmery metallic shades like that one!

  8. I finally just posted my ipsy/Birchbox stuff from December! I have to say, ipsy didn't win this time. January was a pretty good one though, I love that eyeshadow too! It's the perfect shade to wear every day.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  9. That BellaPierre shadow is gorrreeegeeous! I have too much makeup already so I can't have an Ipsy bag. That would be overkill lol. But I do like the idea of trying out samples every month. Great post!

  10. Really interesting. I have wanted to try something like this for awhile

  11. Wow that's a lot of full sized products! The two shadows are such pretty colors, but you're right, working with loose pigments is a real pain :(


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  13. That LA Fresh moisturizer is calling my name! Too bad its $40 :( That silver eyeshadow is so pretty too! I have a loose gold eyeshadow that it reminds me of that I wear all the time.

  14. It's a great subscription!! I love it!

  15. Thanks!! Me too! I love trying new make up!

  16. It's a lot of fun because it's always a surprise and I love testing them out! Thanks!

  17. Thanks! I would recommend Ipsy! Only $10 a month and you get to try new products. Each month isn't always a winner, but there's always one or two things that I love.

  18. I know right! Why is it so expensive?!

  19. Hahaha thanks! I love the smell of cucumber! It's so calming!

  20. I wonder if we have Ipsy bags in the UK...
    Those 4 girls on that cover are so pretty. i was just staring at them for like 5 minutes thinking "how can I look like that..."

  21. I have no idea if they send them to the UK or not unfortunately. Those girls have the most flawless skin! Wish I had skin (and hair and make up) like theirs!


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