Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Outfit: 2014 Bloopers

I've been wanting to share bloopers for a long time because it's hilarious and it's always good to poke fun at oneself now and again. I love seeing other blogger's bloopers because it shows that blogging takes a lot of patience and a lot of trial and error. 

Looking through these pictures, you can see that I went from a point and shoot early this year to my new DSLR with the kit lens to using a fancy 50mm lens. A nice camera doesn't make these pictures any less embarrassing!
Why do I look scared here? || Didn't quite make it in time.

 What am I looking for here? || I look like I'm about to run. || What's going on with my face?

 Yeah, this is a good pose. No, it's not. || Nope. || Didn't put my leg down in time. Damn timer.

Blurry (this happens a lot). || I look constipated. || This didn't work out how I planned. 

Do you like seeing blogger's bloopers?
Do you keep your bloopers?

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  1. well, this damn timer :) hahha

    blur and feel in air , happend with me a lot when I use tripod and camera timer

    Keep in touch



  2. hahah this is too funny, what a great idea! Ben loves to snap the camera at me when I'm not ready all the time. I always delete them, but I love that you shared your not-so-perfect photos!

  3. hahaha I love blooper posts! Instead of always deleting mine outtakes I should really save them

  4. I love seeing blooper posts because they're how most of my pictures turn out when I attempt to fashion blog.

  5. It is so often easy to forget that we are looking at finished products when browsing through lovely fashion photos! Thanks for sharing the bloopers - definitely brought a smile! :D

  6. Love your bloopers! That's definitely how most of my pictures turn out.


  7. Haha, I always love seeing bloopers or so called behind the scenes pictures, because they are so real and candid! :)
    Haha you are so cool and funny! :)


  8. This post made my day! I keep so photos for fun and until now didn't though to post them. xoxo

  9. I love bloopers too! The swing one is so cute!! Blurry pictures happen all the time! My boyfriend ends up just holding down the shutter button, and my DLSR takes continuous pictures every 2 seconds, so I end up having such crazy looking bloopers!

  10. Hehe you are so cute Sara I love that you shared these. I have a lot of photos where the background is clear but I'm not - it's so annoying!


  11. Nice :) cute


  12. Definitely love bloopers :) And seriously, the timer thing is impossible sometimes!

  13. Ah! This is so great! Thanks for sharing. I'd love to see more. Maybe like a once/season bloopers post? So much fun.


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