Friday, January 2, 2015

Dear Reader, Who Are You? Pt. 3

I want to start this year on a strong foot by asking about you guys! I seriously love the responses I got from the last two Dear Reader posts. They're fascinating and fun to read and make me wish that I could meet all of you in person. We could all meet at Alice's Tea Cup, drink tea, eat scones, and talk about our lives and our favorite books. If only. 

I would love to know: 

  • your most important New Year's resolution
  • a book that spoke to you recently
  • a song your obsessed with right now
  • a city you want to travel to
  • your word for 2015

I'll go first:

So who are you?

I'm looking for Books & Looks submissions! Click below for more info!

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  1. get fit

    "dance, dance, dance" by haruki murakami

    "faded" by zhu


  2. my first new years resolution is to start working out asap, in 2014 i was not working out much but now i wan to start it again

    one thing we have in common , i want to visit london too this year

    Happy New Year

  3. Hi Sarah, this is a great idea (better than a long survey ;))

    Most important New Year's resolution? Write. Write more. Write everyday. Write in many different forms.

    A book that spoke to you recently? Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon
    A Song your obsessed with right now? Still.. Chandelier
    A city you want to travel to? NYC
    Word for 2015? CHANGE

    Ps. I LOVE Attachments to, I read it long before FAN GIRL.

  4. This is such a cool idea! I love it.
    // To be more organized, with everything!
    // Oh man, I don't think I can pick just one! lol
    // "Bang Bang" Jessie J (i know, it's awful, but it's my work out song! Keeps me moving!)
    // Venice!
    // Happiness

  5. Love this idea!

    1. To eat healthier and drink more water! (I'm a huge maccers addict, it's disgusting!!)

    2. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Her style of writing isn't anything to shout about, but I loved the journey the book put me on: I could not stop reading! I really liked how the book got me thinking about my relationship.

    3. Tribe - Theophilus London

    4. Venice

    5. vibes

    Shaqinah // Shoes & Roses

  6. Gone Girl, ooh boy that was something else right?

  7. Sara this is a great idea. Love reading the comments. :)

    To finally move forward with my career. It is time! :)
    The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
    Mamma Mia by Kara

  8. I love when you do this!

    ORGANIZATION. Everywhere.
    Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik
    Girl in a Country Song by Maddie & Tae
    Anywhere that's not Kansas, lol

  9. Love these posts!! :D

    1. Get my anxiety under control.
    2. A section about BFFs from Mindy Kaling's, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?"
    3. 'Gone' - Lianne La Havas

    4. Boston, only because we are in the process of planning a mini vacation there this year just for fun!
    5. While I don't know if it'll be the year's word, I'd say right now a good word for me is 'FOCUS'.

  10. 1. I only have one and I'm keeping it a secret :)
    2. Only read two books in 2014: The Giver (again) and Mockingjay. I'll pick The Giver. It was so aweome to reread it!
    3. Break the Rules by Charlie CXC
    4. Tokyo
    5. Excel (not the computer program hehe)

  11. Hey you!
    1. To move out of my current house. My landlady sucks so the other girl I live with and I want to run away and find a place of our own.
    2. Hmm a hard one... I don't think anything has really jumped out at me for a while, but I have The Bees on my bookshelf, which I can't wait to read.
    3. Up until recently, it was all about Christmas songs, of course! But I love Shake It Off. HATERS GONNA HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!
    4. I really want to go to Barcelona...or back to New York!
    5. Relationship. I need to sort out my relationship with my parents after the split, and also I have loads of new wonderful friends since I moved back to the UK. And'd be nice to, you know, date a guy this year...

    WHEN you come to London, I want to hang out!!!

  12. Hi - Thanks for asking.
    1. eat less sugar
    2. Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood
    3. All About the Bass
    4. Somewhere on the ocean - or a town where we will move if (WHEN!) my husband gets a new job
    5. Be - as in be here, be happy, be spontaneous. I wasn't sure but every time I think about it that is the word that comes to mind, so it must be it!

  13. I love this!

    1. Probably seeing one family member every month.

    2. all of Gillian Flynn's books. They didn't really "speak to me" so much as they "got to me"

    3. I hate to say it- "Sledgehammer" by Fifth Harmony!

    4. Austin, TX! I am going there in February!

    5. I'm coming up with a one word motto for every month- pretty sure January is going to be "simplify."

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  14. How fun!!
    1. to learn to manage my time better - sometimes I spend too much time blogging or just being on the computer and I want to spend more time with my husband and family

    2. eeeeek... you know me and books aren't exactly BFFs. I really need to start reading more this year!

    3. everything on Christina Perri's latest album. the whole thing is on repeat everyday!

    4. treasure island in florida :)

    5. explore!

  15. Dear Sara, I have to admit I don't have any resolutions :) And in the last days I read a book about the desaster of the 2nd world war which spoke to me that I should appreciate everything what I have in my life ...

    Happy New Year and many success for your resolutions <3

    xx from
    Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  16. Happy New Year, Sara!

    1. Put myself out there more
    2. Five Little Pigs- Agatha Christie
    3. Time of Our Lives- Ne-Yo + Pitbull
    4. Venice, Italy
    5. Confidence


  17. My main goal in 2015 is to be more productive and creative (productive is my word for this year). I really enjoyed Lena Dunham's book, I'm obsessed with "That Time" by Regina Spektor, and in 2015 I really want to make it to New Orleans.

    Uncustomary Art.

  18. * save money
    * not that big on books/reading (if i may recommend a podcast though: Serial)
    * Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
    * Iceland
    * develop

  19. Happy 2015!

    1. Move to a new state.
    2. My brother gave me The Alchemist for Christmas, and I'm really excited to read it!
    3. "Ain't It Fun" by Paramore
    4. San Francisco
    5. Positivity

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  20. 1. Find a new job!
    2. The Handmaid's Tale by Maragret Atwood
    3. Suzie by Boy Kill Boy
    4. Osaka! I'll be going there soon actually! So pumped!
    5. Learn! I want to keep learning new things about the world and about myself!

  21. I hope you had a lovely time in Texas, Sara! It's so great you're starting off the year with a big adventure! Here's to 2015 being a winner. As for your questions...

    1. Become as independent as possible
    2. Ugh. I love nearly every book I read. Life After Life by Kate Atkinson has really stayed with me.
    3. I was in a Float On by Modest Mouse mood today.
    4. EVERYWHERE. Lately I've been craving California though, especially San Francisco.
    5. Focus

  22. Thanks, Gabriele! I really want to read Life After Life! It sounds fascinating!

  23. Hope you're having fun on your adventures in South Korea and Japan!

  24. Good word of the year!! I love Regina Spektor!

  25. Confidence is a great word! I would love to visit Venice!

  26. If you need book recommendations, I'm your girl!

  27. I'm reading Dark Places right now and it's creeeeepy!

  28. I should eat less sugar too! I love your word!

  29. I hope you find a great new apartment! I love Shake It Off!! I would love to visit London!

  30. The Giver is such a fantastic book!!

  31. Focus is a great word! I love Boston!

  32. Thanks!! I need to be more organized too!

  33. Good luck with your career goals!! You can do it!

  34. Thanks! Now I want to read Steal Like An Artist! You would love NYC!

  35. Great goal! I would love to visit Rome!


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