Friday, January 9, 2015

Life Lately {End of 2014 + Texas}

Last weekend I went to Austin, Texas and it was one of the best vacations I've ever had. It was the perfect mix of relaxing and exciting. I got to explore a new city, try new restaurants, meet new people, have a great time at my cousin's wedding, and not feel rushed because it was just me and my younger brothers. Anytime I go on vacation with my dad I always feel rushed because he's late for everything and I always like being early. 

The highlights of the vacation were walking around downtown Austin all day Friday, hanging out with family I haven't seen in years at my cousin's wedding, and meeting Nicole of Writes Like A Girl. First off, Nicole is so awesome! She's a bad ass feminist who has such a chic sense of style, has a podcast called Breakfast for Dinner, and it was wonderful talking to her about blogger things, movies, tea, taking outfit pictures, and more. 

Two interesting things I noted about Austin: it's a strange mix of cowboys and hippies, and there's awesome street art everywhere. 

My cousin (the sister of the cousin who got married) made these wonderful cakes!

All of the awesome goodies I got in Austin! 
I actually only spent my own money on the chocolate because I got a $100 gift card from my mom for Hanukkah and a $50 gift card from a work event, so I used those to buy stuff and food. So almost everything I bought while on this trip was free.  
Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar, Cocoa Puro chocolate spread, Texas postcard,
& The Steeping Room's House Chai and Jasmine Peach Blossom tea}

Gifts I got for family:
{A cute metal bug & Lepi de Provence Tomato-Vine & Strawberry soap for my mom, 
Lavender soap for my step-mom, Mo's Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar for my dad
& a keychain, coin purse, and "Keep Austin Weird" stuffed animal for my kid sister}

How's 2015 going for you so far?
Have you ever been to Austin?

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  1. I am so jealous you got to meet Nicole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay I;m glad you love Austin as much as I do! I was gonna tell you to get something that says "Keep Austin Weird" I have a pink tie-dye shirt that says it :) That's awesome you got to meet a blogger too!

  3. You'll have to let me know how you like Attachments! One of my other blogger friends suggested it to me so I ordered it. And Texas sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I would definitely have a lot of fun seeing all of the beautiful street art.

  4. I am seriously so beyond jealous that you got to go to Austin - it's definitely top of my list right now for places to check out!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  5. Austin looks LOVELY and now you're making me want to visit. It look like you had a great time!

  6. I had a fantastic time! Yes, you should definitely visit Austin!

  7. You would love Austin! It's wonderful!

  8. I LOVED Attachments! One of my favorite books by far now! It's so cute and romantic and absolutely hilarious!

  9. Leo got a tall shot glass that says Keep Austin Weird! Thanks for the great recommendations, Jackie!

  10. She's a lovely person! I hope you get to meet her one day!

  11. Oh good! I'm actually getting really excited about it. lol

  12. Super jealous of all the street art! And you saw Into the Woods!!!

  13. A mix of cowboys and hippies, hahah I love it. here where I live it's a mix of rednecks and wanna-be gangsters... I live in a weird place :P

    I love the pocket pop Anna... so cute! and your trip looks like it was so much fun. I love the street art!


  14. How wonderful you had such a perfect vacation, you deserve this, dear Sara! Wish you a happy weekend :)

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  15. That Anna Pop keychain! So cute! I love a city that has awesome street art and it looks like Austin had lots of it. If one of my family members went to Austin and got me that Keep Austin Weird plushie I would die! It's ADORABLE <3 <3

  16. These photos are amazing, so many pretty pieces here, I've glad to hear you had a great holiday :)

  17. Austin looks and sounds amazing! Those murals are absolutely gorgeous to look at. Glad you had a fun trip :)


  18. Love these photos - especially the graffiti ones! And the wedding looks gorgeous. What is that rice bowl thing you have there - is it bibimbap?

  19. Sara I think we share a lot of likings. I love Attachments and Dark Places, taking pictures of and in front of graffitis, pocket pop! and cow stuffed animal (even if it's for your kid sis).

  20. Wow, looks like a great trip! I'm glad you had fun! You got so many amazing pictures!!

    The Closet by Christie

  21. Looks like a great trip - love all the street art. :D

  22. Great way to sum up a trip, with this fun picture grid! I'm so glad you had an awesome trip. Hope you had fun with your younger brothers! I am going to Austin next month and cannot WAIT! Also- those cakes are seriously amazing!

    Have you finished Dark Places yet? I started listening to it in the car on a trip to NC and had to turn it off, that scary.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  23. I often travel with a partner who's late to everything so I can more than relate to hating feeling rushed or tense about time. This looked great - the cool street art and beautiful wedding (those cakes are awesome)! Hope you've had a great weekend, Sara :)

  24. lovely pics, it looks like you really end up well 2014 ;)

  25. Looks like it was a packed past few weeks. Hope you continue to have more exciting things this 2015 :)

    Found you in one of the fashion blogs I frequent and thought I'd give you a visit. Would
    you like to connect via GFC or other social networks? Let me know if that is
    something that is of interest to you :)


  26. That sounds like such a fun trip! I've only driven through Texas on my way to Arkansas. I'd love to visit Austin and Houston when we find our way back. Had you ever been to Texas before?

  27. It looks like you had an amazing trip! I LOVE all that street art! I love seeing awesome street art in big cities! So cool! Austin has been on my list of "places I would totally move" for a while now!


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