Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Outfit: Two-Tone (Featuring KushyFoot)

**I received KushyFoot products to review. All opinions are my own.**

I wore my new KushyFoot shaping tights twice last week. The outfit pictured is the second time I wore them with this two-tone sweater-like dress that I won via giveaway. I wore this outfit to a work event, so I wanted to look nice, but also be comfortable, and these tights are very comfortable. 

The best thing about these tights? I don't have to keep pulling them up throughout the day. I absolutely hate putting on tights and an hour later fidgeting with them. That was not the case with these. These stay put! I also like the zig zag-shaped massaging soles (you can see them in the third to last picture below). These KushyFoot tights are called opaque, but I found them to be sheer near the knees, so I wished they more more opaque. 

I've worn the fleece trouser socks (similar KushyFoot style) a few times already under my jeans on really cold days and they really helped keep my calves warm. I love things that are fleece-lined. They're so warm! I already have a pair of foldable flats like these alligator print KushyFoot ones that I keep in my car, but it's always good to have an extra pair. They're comfy, convenient, and are slim enough to keep in my purse. 

Dress: Pink Blush (via giveaway) | Tights: ℅ KushyFoot | Hat: American Eagle
Scarf: Target | Boots: Amazon

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  1. These sound like the comfiest tights ever! I hate when I have to keep pulling my tights up, especially if I'm somewhere that I have to sit for extended periods of time :( So thanks for the rec :)


  2. What a great idea for tights! I DESPISE have to constantly pull tights up, plus that is just so awkward to witness something else doing it!

  3. I'm a big fan of Kushyfoot too. The tights they sent me were so comfortable, and I wear the fleece lined trouser sock all the time now. Nice and warm for a big sissy like me. Winter is not my friend! And yayyy for winning that great giveaway, that dress is adorable on you!

  4. Such a cute outfit! I love the big scarf and those boots over black tights look really nice :)


  5. Those tights sound absolutely amazing!! I hate fussing with tights all day long. This dress is so pretty on you!


  6. The tights sound great! I really hate when mine fall down and give me an exaggerated muffin top.


    Something About That

  7. I loooove this look, Sara! KushyFoot tights are the best! I'm not sure how I feel about those flats though, I'd have to try them out and see if I could actually use them. They seem a little too flimsy for my taste...especially with all the snow we have currently, I hate my feet getting wet because my shoes can't hold up in the weather.


  8. You look amazingly adorable! I'll have to try out KushyFoot tights. :)

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  9. I have the flats, but now I want the tights and socks!

  10. I would 100% recommend the tights! I wore them again this week!

  11. I wouldn't wear them in the winter or when it's raining, but they're good to keep for just in case I need them times. Thank you!

  12. Thank you, Angela! I would definitely recommend them!

  13. Yay I'm glad you love them as much as I do!! :)

  14. Definitely try these! I wore them again this week and I didn't have to pull them up! Thanks!

  15. Haha yes seeing someone pull up tights is awkward!

  16. Hey I'm doing my Kushyfoot review tomorrow! Aren't they great! They sent me the fleece lined tights and man are they nice! They're like sweats for your dressier outfits. Love! That dress is so perfect for winter! I love the texture and color. You look amazing Sara!

  17. very cool outfit! and i like you review of your tights. those are snazzy!

  18. THAT DRESS! It's such a pretty color and the tweed! Oh so pretty. The kushyfoot design is so perfect. I have enjoyed wearing what they sent me.

  19. That dress is so pretty! I've never heard of kushyfoot - maybe they're not in the UK? They look really nice though, so comfy.

  20. Gorgeous dress, Sara! I love how you paired it with that plaid scarf!

    The Closet by Christie



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