Friday, January 23, 2015

Review: Natural Balance Foods

**I received Nakd bars to review. All opinions are my own.**

In my newfound quest to be healthy, I've been trying to snack on healthy bars instead of chips and chocolate-covered pretzels. Naked Balance Foods contacted me at just the right time and asked if I would try out their Nakd bars and of course I said yes. 

What are Nakd bars? They're made of raw fruit and nuts, they're gluten-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free, 100% vegan, there's no added sugar or syrups, and they're made in Britain. Instead of being baked, they're "smooshed" together, which means they're good for you. 

I had two separate taste tests (there were a lot of bars in that box!) with my mom and brothers, so that we could all try the Nakd bars and so that I could get honest feedback from them about which bars were amazing, which were meh, and which were horrible.

These are the Nakd bars that we tried and our honest opinions:

  • Strawberry Crunch -- Fruity, sweet, absolutely delicious
  • Cocoa Crunch --  Love it, wish it was more crunchy, yum
  • Rhubarb and Custard -- Horrible, don't like it, gross
  • Cocoa Mint -- Very good, too minty, delicious
  • Pecan Pie -- Tastes just like pecan, sweet and tasty, good
  • Cocoa Delight -- delicious, sweet, smooth
  • Cocoa Orange -- yum, more orange than chocolatey, really good
  • Apple Crunch -- Subtle but good, doesn't taste like apple, alright
  • Ginger Bread -- Tastes like apple, subtle but good
  • Cashew Cookie -- Nutty, good, not much flavor
  • Caffe Mocha -- Super yummy, subtle coffee flavor, smooth
  • Berry Delight -- Very tasty, very berry, sweet
  • Banana Crunch -- Delicious, sweet but not too sweet, very good
Our favorites: Cocoa Crunch, Strawberry Crunch, Cocoa Mint, Cocoa Orange, Berry Delight, Banana Crunch, and Caffe Mocha. (If you can't tell, we all have a sweet tooth.)

My family and I liked most of the Nakd bars, especially the chocolatey ones, and will definitely buy our favorites in the future. Right now you can only buy them through Natural Balance Foods or Amazon, but I hope one day they'll be in Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.

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Have you tried Nakd bars?
Would you eat them?

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  1. the flavours are so good, i need to check if they are avaliable in india

    Keep in touch

  2. I can't get behind ANYTHING with Rhubarb!

  3. oh it sounds so good!!

  4. Rhubarb and custard in bar form sounds positively disgusting! The others I could get on board with though...

  5. Yikes, rhubard and custard. That doesn't even sound good. The rest sound like hey might not be too bad...except for maybe the banana one because I'm a weirdo that doesn't like bananas! haha! I'm trying to be a little more healthy this year too so maybe I will try a couple of these

  6. Um, yum! These sounds SO good and would be great for snacking on during my prep/or pre-/post-gym :)

  7. I appreciate that you got the opinion of your family members too, just to see if certain flavors are just not tasty to you or in general which to stay away from. I've been looking for a more natural bar to try and these sound amazing!

  8. These sound really good and I really like the wrappers they come in haha so colorful!


  9. I buy really seldom any kind of bars therefore I have never tried these Nakd bars. But at least a few of them seems really yummy and I will keep them in my mind! Happy weekend, dear Sara <3

    xx from
    Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  10. I like how you got your family members to try it out, cause a lot of times even though I love something my brother hates it lol. They do sound delish overall though :) Hopefully they come to TJ's soon so I can give them a try


  11. Interesting!! The flavours sound really good and they sure do sound healthy. I'll keep a look out for these so I can give them a try.

    Something About That

  12. Most of the flavors taste really great!

  13. Yep exactly! Something I loved, my brother didn't or vice versa! They are really tasty!

  14. I love that the packing was so colorful!

  15. They're very good and very filling!

  16. Exactly! If I hadn't taste tested with my fam, I would've saved them for post-work outs!

  17. It was so horrible I had to spit it out! The others were pretty good to very very good!


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